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ERP Bridge is a no coding application that can easily sync HubSpot’s customer and transactional information with on-premises ERPs

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Sync your data, empower your business


Unlock your HubSpot CRM sales potential

Automatically enrich your HubSpot CRM’s database with data from your sales or administrative Integrations to insure a better management of your companies



Streamline your business processes

Using HubSpot workflows to streamline how orders are processed all in one place so your deal pipeline never stops flowing.



Staying within budget

Send customer data to a Business Intelligence software for forecasting procurement budgeting.



Your data is not sent to ERP Bridge cloud, but goes directly to HubSpot



Numerous integrations, infinite possibilities


HubSpot SAP Integration

Microsoft Dynamics

HubSpot Microsoft Dynamics Integration e HubSpot Navision Integration


HubSpot Sage Integration


HubSpot IFS Integration


HubSpot Dolibarr Integration


HubSpot NTS Integration

Team System

HubSpot Team System Integration


HubSpot Zucchetti Integration


HubSpot Passepartout Integration


HubSpot Panthera Integration


HubSpot Epicor Integration


HubSpot Macola Integration


HubSpot Aptean Integration


HubSpot BatchMaster Integration


HubSpot Datacor Integration


HubSpot ECI Integration


HubSpot Expandable Integration


HubSpot Genius Integration

Global Shop Solutions

HubSpot Global Shop Solutions Integration


HubSpot IQMS Integration


HubSpot iRely Integration


HubSpot Jobscope Integration

Mie Solutions

HubSpot Mie Solutions Integration

Plex Manufacturing

HubSpot Plex Integration


HubSpot ProcessPro Integration


HubSpot QAD Integration


HubSpot Shoptech Integration


HubSpot TGI Integration


HubSpot VAI Integration


HubSpot Workwise Integration


HubSpot Odoo Integration

Oracle Netsuite

HubSpot NetSuite Integration


HubSpot Infor Integration


HubSpot Embyon Integration

Sales Creatio

HubSpot Sales Creatio CRM Integration


HubSpot Pega Integration


HubSpot Vtnext Integration


HubSpot Cegid Integration


HubSpot SYSPRO Integration


HubSpot Pimcore Integration


HubSpot Akeneo Integration


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Choose the best pricing solution for your business


249 $/mo

billed at 3.588 $ 2,988 $/yr monthly
with an annual commitment

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Estimated cost turnkey solution*: 5.488 $

*Cost shown includes a suggested onboarding fee of 2.500 $

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1-way synchronization (ERP => HubSpot)
Map and sync the following standard objects: Contacts, Companies, Tickets, Deals, Products, Line items, Quotes and any unlimited Custom objects
Map and sync unlimited properties (custom properties included)
Max syncing frequency: one time per hour
Support: within 24h


349 $/mo

billed at 4.788 $ 4,188 $/yr monthly
with an annual commitment

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Estimated cost turnkey solution*: 9.188 $

*Cost shown includes a suggested onboarding fee of 5.000 $

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2-way synchronization (ERP <=> HubSpot)
Map and sync the following standard objects: Contacts, Companies, Tickets, Deals, Products, Line items, Quotes and any unlimited Custom objects
Map and sync unlimited properties (custom properties included)
Max syncing frequency: real-time sync
Technical support: within 24h


An answer to all of your questions

The estimated cost of the turnkey solution includes the discounted price of an annual ERP Bridge subscription plus the onboarding fee.

The onboarding fee includes:

  • Data Integration Assessment to define the flow-chart of the data-sync logic for each object you need to integrate

  • Consulting for best integration logic

  • Consulting how to prepare tables and views in the source database for a perfect integration

  • Support for testing and go-live

For more information about Turnkey Project Solution, visit:

We establish the connection through ODBC, utilizing your ERP's database management system. This is why our solution is more cost-effective than connectors that rely on the application server and API integration. We have created custom drivers for MS SQL and SAP HANA. If you are using a different database management system, you will need to implement a linked server solution.

Please get in touch with us and provide the name of your database management system. We will assist you in setting up a "linked server" between MS SQL (which serves as ERP Bridge's DBMS) and your ERP's database management system.

We can integrate with any ERPs that are hosted on-premises or in a private cloud. To enable ERP Bridge to function, you must install an agent (a small software component) on one of your Windows Servers, which should be connected to the ERP's database server. This necessitates direct access to the server where your ERP is located. Typically, this means that your ERP is either on-premises or hosted in a private cloud. Standard cloud solutions typically do not provide users with access to the server.

For more information, please visit this link:

At ERP Bridge all our pricing is displayed in United States Dollars (USD). While we appreciate the global nature of our user base, using a single currency helps maintain clarity and consistency in our pricing structure. If you’re making payments from a bank account denominated in a different currency, your bank will likely handle the currency conversion for you, and you may be subject to conversion fees as per your bank’s policies.

No, ERP Bridge is compatible with any HubSpot Hub and tier you may have. However, if you need to create custom objects, you need to purchase the HubSpot Enterprise solution. Also, if you wish to use webhooks to initiate the synchronization process, it is recommended to purchase at least the Two-Way tier of HubSpot Operations Hub.

Yes, we are capable of integrating with CRMs, PIMs, accounting software, warehouse management software, and more. As long as the application is hosted either on-premises or in a private cloud, we can provide integration solutions.

Compiling an exhaustive list of all software or integrations is a formidable task. Once you have confirmed that your software or app is either hosted on-premises or in a private cloud, please reach out to us using the form available on this page. We will double check if the integration is available.

Our customers can typically set up a one-way integration within two weeks. We recommend starting with a one-way integration initially and then adding the two-way integration as needed. There is no additional cost for adding the two-way integration later on, except for the difference in the subscription fees. This approach gives you the opportunity to determine if bi-directional integration is truly necessary.

We offer two tiers for you to choose from: the One-Way and the Two-Way tier.

As stated before, we typically recommend starting with a one-way integration. By doing so, you can establish a one-way integration in just two weeks.

Custom integration projects typically incur costs that are five times higher and involve lengthy implementation periods, which often do not provide the flexibility for independent management of field mappings. That's why maintenance contracts are commonly subscribed to, even in custom integration projects. With ERP Bridge, you essentially pay only the software product's maintenance fee. This approach saves you on the initial project cost and time while granting you the autonomy to manage field changes and more.

We can provide support within 24 hours, whether through email, telephone, or remote support software.

Currently, the software exclusively supports Windows operating systems, including Windows Server, that are still officially supported by Microsoft (i.e., no end-of-life Windows versions). ERP Bridge specifically requires CPUs with a 64-bit x86 architecture. ARM and RISC architectures are not officially supported.

For additional information, please visit:

The agent is capable of making API calls for both push and pull actions, facilitating two-way data exchanges, for example. If you intend to utilize webhooks, it is advisable to purchase at least the Two-Way tier of HubSpot Operations Hub. Your choice depends on your preferences and budget.

HubSpot imposes restrictions on API calls for applications using OAuth, typically allowing around 100 requests every 10 seconds.

However, if you have purchased the API Add-On, these limitations do not apply to your usage.
For more specific information on HubSpot's API limits, please refer to the official HubSpot documentation at

Yes, all connections are encrypted. The connection between the ERP Bridge agent and HubSpot's API is secured using encrypted HTTPS with a trusted SSL certificate.

The same level of security applies to the connection between the ERP Bridge agent and the ERP Bridge API hosted by us. Both connections are safeguarded by trusted certificates that maintain data encryption through AES 256-bit encryption.

As for the database connection, it is established using officially supported and first-party libraries. The ERP Bridge software supports both encrypted and unencrypted database connections, allowing customers to choose the option that suits their needs.

For further details, please refer to:

ERP Bridge is primarily a SaaS (Software as a Service) and is designed to be user-friendly. Our documentation and how-to guide are excellent resources that will help you become familiar with the software, and you should be able to set up a one-way integration independently in approximately two weeks.

However, a two-way integration can be complex, especially without the expertise of an ERP consultant who is knowledgeable in both HubSpot and your specific ERP system. This is why we provide a comprehensive on boarding process for the Two-Way tier, which includes:

  • Conducting a Data Integration Assessment to define the flowchart of the data-sync logic for each object you need to integrate.
  • Offering consultation on the best integration practices.
  • Providing guidance on preparing tables and views in the source database to ensure a seamless two-way integration.
  • Offering support for testing and going live.

These services are available for a fee of 2,500 $ in addition to the One-Way subscription cost and 5,000 $ in addition to the Two-Way subscription cost.


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