HubSpot Sage Integration

Explore the seamless fusion of Sage and HubSpot through our smart and cost-sensitive HubSpot-Sage connection.As the leading provider of synchronization services between these two platforms, ERP Bridge empowers businesses to effortlessly link their Sage ERP system with HubSpot's CRM. Embrace this integration to unlock a unified ecosystem that enhances efficiency, productivity, and customer-centricity for your business.


Improved Data Clarity and Precision

Sage-HubSpot integration facilitates instantaneous data synchronization across your marketing, sales, and customer service endeavors with Sage's comprehensive ERP system. Wave goodbye to manual data transfers and human errors, as your teams gain access to precise, up-to-date information from a centralized platform. Embrace the cohesion of integrated data for enhanced decision-making, streamlined marketing campaigns, and elevated customer experiences.



Streamlined Sales Operations and Workflows

By seamlessly connecting HubSpot and Sage, your sales team can smoothly convert leads from HubSpot into sales orders within the Sage platform, simplifying the entire sales workflow. Effortlessly track offers, monitor orders, and access crucial customer details, all through the user-friendly interface of HubSpot. Witness increased productivity and responsiveness in your sales team, accelerating deal closures and fostering enduring customer loyalty.



Customized Engagements with Customers

Foster profound and impactful relationships with your clientele by leveraging the potential of the connection between Sage and HubSpot CRM. Empowered with an abundance of customer data coming from Sage, your marketing team can curate precisely targeted and personalized campaigns in HubSpot, ensuring timely and relevant interactions with both potential leads and loyal customers. Customize your content, offers, and promotions to resonate perfectly with individual preferences, nurturing active engagement and boosting conversion rates.



Maximize the returns on your marketing investments

Harness the potential of data-backed analysis to optimize your marketing return on investment (ROI). With HubSpot-Sage integration, you can assess the real influence of your marketing endeavors on actual sales and revenue generated within Sage. Identify high-achieving marketing strategies, allocate resources effectively, and fine-tune your campaigns for optimal outcomes. Elevate your marketing success by aligning your efforts with measurable business results.


How it works


Our ERP Bridge plays a pivotal role in seamlessly integrating HubSpot and Sage, facilitating smooth data exchange between the two platforms. Unlike conventional methods that rely on application server API connections, ERP Bridge adopts a more efficient and cost-effective approach by establishing direct access to the database. This not only reduces operational expenses and enhances data security but also optimizes data transmission, empowering businesses to streamline their processes effortlessly.


To kickstart the integration, users can easily link their HubSpot and Sage systems by downloading the provided .msi agent from ERP Bridge. Upon installation, the agent opens a user-friendly wizard that assists users in creating a personalized view of the database. This customized view acts as the conduit for ERP Bridge to access and extract the required data, ensuring seamless information flow between the two platforms.


An outstanding benefit of ERP Bridge is its adaptability to diverse business needs. For Businesses seeking one-way integration they can do so by creating a custom view on the db. Business seeking bi-directional synchronization between HubSpot and Sage, implementing a staging database becomes a viable option. Acting as an intermediary, the staging database facilitates controlled and structured data transformation. Once data is converted to the desired format, businesses can tailor their integrations to suit their unique requirements.


Through database connectivity, ERP Bridge empowers users to unlock the full potential of both HubSpot and the Sage family of ERPs without the constraints of traditional integration methods. Businesses can ensure data accuracy, real-time updates, and a comprehensive overview of their operations, enabling informed decision-making and heightened overall efficiency.

HubSpot-Sage Integration Steps